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David Barron


“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”
-Greek Proverb

This ancient Greek proverb, also our company's slogan, has had a special meaning to David as something his son discovered at an early age. Now, looking out over fields of tea, its meaning has grown deeper as he sees how our work has the potential to benefit generations to come.

David was born in the town Oceola, Arkansas, named for famed Seminole Chief, Osceola. He has been fortunate in his life to meet the right people at the right times. Running a machine shop business for 25 years, David had the help of many talented employees which made success possible. After retiring, he purchased forest land, enjoyed the outdoor life, and headed in a new direction. Because Fleur De Lis Tea Company is a small business, we all wear many hats. Though, as the founder, David oversees every aspect to ensure the success of our company and employees. He loves tea because of its deep history and the passion that tea drinkers pass along to the people they meet.


Fleur De Lis Tea Co. Team Member
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