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Internationally renowned Scottish tea consultant hired to develop our first tea.

Over the last few weeks we have hired a very talented and internationally renowned tea consultant from Scotland to help us master our tea making techniques and develop the highest quality tea.

Having someone as incredibly experienced in tea, spend so much time with us has been outstanding. Beverly's background includes some time in Sri Lanka managing Amba Tea Estate. In just four years she turned around the fortunes of this estate by setting up the first micro scale tea factory in Sri Lanka and developing a line of exclusive hand made teas that were sold to the likes of Harney and Sons in the US and Fortnum and Mason in the UK.

In more recent years Beverly has been working as a consultant. She has helped set up 2 small scale international tea sellers. Built a tea factory in Scotland. Won awards with clients for their teas and so much more.

Beverly's philosophy when creating a new tea is never to try and copy an existing tea but rather to develop flavors and processing methods that suit the plants and the terroir. This is important to us as we look to create a distinct quality Louisiana tea here at Fleur De Lis Tea Company.

There is so much more to Beverly than all of this but what we can say though, is that in her time with us, she has shared her extensive knowledge of tea, her taste for quality and an undeniable drive for excellence.

We are confident that with her guidance she has given us and our own passionate team, that you are all in for a treat in the future with some amazing teas.

We are incredibly grateful to Beverly.

Check her out online at

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